The Digital Library Of The Ray’s Day

Ray’s Day is scattered across the web, and the links listed on the They’re participating in Ray’s Day ! page are sometimes inaccessible a year later or do not link to the right page (especially blogs).

To solve this problem, we have set up a digital library, located at It will host all the epubs that authors will want to submit and keep accessible… as long as this site will last!

You don’t have to use a free license to see your work in this library (although it’s rather encouraged) : you just have to contact us via the form on the site and we’ll arrange to get the file and integrate it in the library on Ray’s day.

Of course, if you’d like to help us fill the shelves a bit by sending us your production for Ray’s Day , you’re welcome !

The Ray’s Day digital library, in addition to its web interface, also offers its catalog in OPDS format at, allowing you to add it as a book source to your e-reader (this is not available for all models unfortunately), tablet or smartphone (for example with the FBReader app).

For the technically curious, our digital library uses the free software BicBucStriim, which allows you to build your own digital library.

NB : if you want to offer a free epub only on Ray’s day, it will not be possible to integrate it into the library. This one is managed manually via the Calibre software, we can’t commit ourselves to come by the next day to delete the temporary files.

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